Trust the Tent Experts
When it comes to finding the perfect tent for your event, Event Essentials has you covered! As Wisconsin’s premier tent rental company since 1954, we offer an extensive selection of pole, frame, sailcloth and specialty tents to meet all of your event needs. Contact us to learn more about our tent rentals!
Pole Tents
Pole tents have a classic, high-peak profile which makes them great for level surfaces that permit staking. As tension-style tents, they rely on the pressure of the vinyl fabric roof for their structural integrity. The roof is supported by a perimeter of white wood poles and aluminum center poles.
  • Widths of 30 feet to 80 feet
  • Can span hundreds of feet in length
  • Provides a 7 foot to 10 foot side pole clearance
  • Allows for a variety of sidewall and lighting options
Frame Tents
Frame tents allow for versatility because they don’t use center poles and are secured by staking or with the use of cement weights. Frame tents are built with a system of aluminum side legs, beams and crossbars. The vinyl top material comes in an opaque white or translucent clear fabric.
  • Widths of 10 feet to 40 feet
  • Expands in lengths of 10 feet, 15 feet or 20 feet
  • Sidewalls work on a keder track system which allows for an easy open and close
  • Lots of adaptability for lighting, custom draping and climate control
Sailcloth Tents
Sailcloth tents are designed to have a more natural look with their gorgeous fabric and organic wood poles. With their translucent material, sunlight radiates through the tent during the day. At night, the fabric creates a beautiful glow from the outside. While the sailcloth tent is constructed like a pole tent, its elevated style and beauty stand out.
  • Widths of 32 feet, 44 feet or 59 feet
  • Provides rounded versus the square ends of the traditional pole tent
  • Offers an 8 foot side pole clearance
  • Includes roll-down sidewalls in a solid or clear unobstructed window option
Specialty Tents
Specialty tents enhance the look and feel of your event while also providing protection from the elements. Our new Timbertrac™ frame tent adds a versatile wood beam look that is customizable for your event.
Professional Installation
At Event Essentials, our team of rental experts will deliver and install your tent wherever you need it.
Safety First
Our installation team goes above and beyond to follow industry standards and best practices to ensure your tent is set up safely and securely.
Top-quality Tents
Whether rain or shine, our tents are designed with the highest quality materials in order to give you peace of mind throughout your event.

Custom Design

As your tent rental experts, we know that some events require a mix of tent options, which is why we’ll work with you in order to find the best tent solutions to meet your needs. At Event Essentials, we also have tent accessories to complete your tented celebration, fundraiser or corporate event.
  • Branded tops and ends
  • Tent liners, custom draping and flooring
  • Climate control, lighting and power equipment
  • Complete enclosers such as doors and garage doors

Need Tent Accessories?

For event rentals you’ll need under the tent, visit our rental catalog to see our tent accessories.

Tent Accessories