Korrine Engelke
Hello! My name is Korrine Engelke.
I am the Director of Event Design here at Event Essentials.
Whether your event is a grand spectacle or an intimate gathering, I believe that every successful celebration is made with clear objectives, focused collaboration and great communication. Events that cultivate the most impact are genuine to the purpose and unique in experience.
Passionate About Event Design
I am passionate about design because it is ever-changing. I love the diversity and excitement it brings. Every day I have the opportunity to meet with different people and take on amazing, new challenges.
I am continuously granted the trust of assisting wonderful clients with their special events. It’s an honor to be chosen to help develop, design and produce someone’s visions into experiences.
I’m driven by the desire to understand your event and produce messaging that reflects your objectives. Whether it’s in the way a guest enters the event, the flavor profile of their menu choices, the flow of the schedule or even the centerpiece on the table, all aspects and details have the opportunity to reinforce what it is you want to say with your event and how your guests experience it.
“Korrine is a great listener. I have worked with Korrine on three BIG events and each time she has been able to take my vision and turn it into reality. Korrine is very good at reading her clients and she takes the time to understand who her clients are and what they want.”– Jill View More Client Stories
My Design Philosophy
My design philosophy fosters an atmosphere that is unique, memorable and functional. As a designer, my role is to add purpose and value so that you can spend more time connecting with your guests and creating your own memorable moments.
Start With a Blank Canvas- When painting a picture, you need a canvas, paints and brushes to produce your work. Once you have the supplies, you can lay out the hard shapes and then begin to layer in highlights and shadows. In events, you need a location, purpose and event flow to start the process.
Create the Event Design- Once we understand the event flow and drive, we’ll be able to lay out the space accordingly. This layout will cultivate your guests’ experience. We then build on the highlights and shadows of the event world, which include chair selection, linen choices and centerpiece additions.
To me, event design isn’t just about planning a party. It’s about fostering the opportunity for others to create memories. Since our lives are made up of the memories we make, it’s a true honor to assist in the creation of such happy and joyous ones.
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