3 x 6 foot Translucent Event Floor

3 x 6 foot Translucent Event Floor
  • OmniDeck is the fastest deploying and strongest stadium turf protection system available. This unique solution is designed with panels that interlock in parallel or perpendicular to each other for omni directional configurations.
  • These puzzle pieces can be deployed around fixed objects like goalposts, or electrical outlets, and fit in non-standard spaces.
  • A strong latching system is integral to the design with no loose pieces or parts.
  • OmniDeck is durable enough to withstand very heavy weight loads while protecting the integrity of a natural grass, synthetic or hybrid playing surface.
  • The tile designs are intuitive to install, and can be carried easily by two persons for fast deployment.
  • Features like built-in handholds and locking notifications offer upgrades in safety and convenience

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